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By Jo | April 6, 2012 | iMac | (11974 Reads)
There are a number of free GUI clients for subversion on the Mac. I've tried a few but been disappointed for one reason or another. My current favourite is SmartSVN.

SmartSVN is available in a number of 'editions' with the 'Foundation' edition being free to download and use, even for commercial use. While this free Foundation edition is limited in functionality compared to the Professional edition, it still bounds in ahead of over free competitors.  SmartSVN (Version 6.6.11 at time of writing) is ahead in three key areas that I find importing which are  speed, ease of use and breadth of functionality.

smartsvn_600One of the disappointments I've had with other free clients is that they are incredibly slow in browsing and updating repositories making them frustrating to use. SmartSVN was pleasantly surprising in its speed of updating and browsing of repositories and user interface responsiveness.

SmartSNV functions are also integrated into the Mac Finder enabling you to run subversion commands direct from Finder contextual menus if required.

Custom interface

You can customise the interface with the windows you want for any of the projects you are working on.

The Repository Browser

The respository browser (top half of the screenshot) shows a tree view on the left, and on the right displays various 'selected views'  of files including toggling on or off current directory files or all subdirectory files, unchanged vs changed files, unversioned vs versioned files and more.

The context menu provides much more functionality allowing file view, copy, delete, renaming, moving and directory actions including checkout.

The Output window

The output window provides an overview of all commands that have been run enabling you to quickly see conflicts and changed files. The context menu also provides additional actions.

The Transaction window

The transaction window provides information about any new revisions from the respository and you can quickly see any that you have not yet read.

Included functionalitysmartsvnchangeviewer_592

At nearly every point there is a contextual menu when right clicking on a file. This provides key functionality such as log viewer and change viewer for any file.

The log shows past revisions back to your specified time including commit messages.

There is even a File Compare built in and accessble from the log or independently in the contextual menu.


SmartSVN is definitely worth having a look at if you are looking for an easy to use, fast and very usable GUI client for Subversion.

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