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By Jo | March 21, 2012 | OpenCart | (6472 Reads)
OpenCart has been useful for quick, online shop implementations.

OpenCart shopping cart is something worth looking at for a quick online shop implementation and can be considered as a part of  more complex ecommerce setups too.

It installs easily and provides a working shop, with minimal configuration out of the box. If you require a more complex setup the code is easy to follow, and with a large community surrounding the project there are plenty of themes and extensions to choose from.

Doing custom coding with OpenCart has it's pros and cons. I think we're spoiled after working with xarigami. I do miss the ability in OpenCart to completely segregate custom code from the core OpenCart code. Secondly, while OpenCart allows overriding of user templates, I still miss the ability to override all templates in the xarigami way, and segegate themes and scripts out of the core code directory tree. On the positive side, themes are easy to create for OpenCart and one can quickly work out how to develop new payment or shipping extensions or do more extensive custom modifications.

As OpenCart develops I'd expect there will be a more mature module/extension system and APIs  that emerge, and the current release at the time of writing (1.5.2) goes someway to tidyingup the APIs and is a overall a solid release. I'll be writing more on OpenCart in the future.

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