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By Jo | April 3, 2012 | iMac | (7425 Reads)
Whether you are learning PHP or working with PHP, it is handy to have a ready reference to all the PHP functions and classes and even better if it is free.

There are a few alternatives around if you need one for your Mac. They range between dedicated PHP documentation viewers, or readers of CHM help files (Windows help files) for the Mac that load and read the PHP documentation in CHM format  help files.

At a minimum, apart from displaying the PHP documentation, a search feature is critical for pratical use and a fast search is even better. During my internet travels I've come across two that seem to stand out at this time of writing, and both are free to download and use.



PHP Function Index

PHP Function Index (PHPfi) is a handy little app. It parses the documentation on the site to provide an offline version  on your Mac  ensuring you have quick, up to date documentation.  It also has a very fast Search feature for PHP function or a popoup search box for text searches.

Pages can be individually bookmarked and bookmarks managed in a popup bookmark window.

A unique addition in PHPfi is the ability to download and view the user contributed comments on demand, either for a chosen page, or for all php doc pages at one time. The date and time of the last last comment update is noted on the slide down drawer holding the comments.

PHPfi is free to download.  There is a nag notice that asks you to register the application which is free for academic or hobbyist users. You are asked to pay a small fee on registration if you work with and make money out of using PHP.





ArCHMock is a CHM format file reader. In order to use it for PHP documentation you will also need to download the PHP documentation in CHM format, which is usually available with and without user contributed notes. You will need to ensure you keep your CHM file up to date.

The Search feature in ArCHMock handles one or more tokens in the search pattern and narrows search results accordingly.  There is a relevancy bar displayed against all search results and search pattern highlighting.

Additional features include bookmarking of individual pages, and and easy adjusting of text size using the Smaller or Bigger buttons in the toolbar.

As an additional bonus, ArCHMock can also allow opening of multiple CHM files at the same time.

ArCHMock is opensource and free to download under the MIT Licence.

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